Inhouse Events

Kids have some difficulty focusing. Focus is very important to student’s success and future. If your child has is pretty average when it comes to focus, they can still benefit from taking part in focus activities. Here are some ideas for focus activities which have shown to be successful. Building Activities, Timed Activities, Quiet Time Activities, Sequencing Activities, Puzzle Games, Memory Games

Sports Day

We Holding sports competitions will aid in increasing the physical and mental ability of children. There are also other handy benefits that can come as a result of this such as: The children will become multi-talented
It promotes team building, management and leadership skills
They learn to be more focused and disciplined
They might also find their passion at an early age that can be carried forward into later life
They understand what sportsmanship is all about

Annual Day

The Annual Day celebration is an integral part of our school and is something the students love of course. This is an important event that celebrates the beginning of a new year and the bidding farewell to the previous academic year in a celebration of felicitation, feast and festivity.

Our school celebrates this wonderful event to showcase its achievements. Undoubtedly it is one of the most anxiously awaited events for our student.

Field Trips

Education and learning processes should not be inside the classroom only. The real-world connection and hands-on experience will make the students to learn more lively. Field trip is a mind- refreshing and rejuvenating venture. It's an opportunity to come out of the classroom confinements and enjoy the natural surroundings. Field trips are a fun-filled activity that alleviated the tension of the child. In a new environment, students get further opportunities to discover their potential and explore new things.

Extra Curricular Activities


We are providing to students participation in roller skating a curriculum activity, including skills development, training and competitions.


We teach foundational skills or concepts in a way that allows students to use their individual preferred genres of music as the subject of study.


We make practicing karate, where students to make confident and they become automatically more talent. we make practice them in a way that they will be useful at any time, and to teach them in a way that they will be useful in a all things


Yoga is a great gift to give our children. so we provide yoga for our kids.

Yoga helps children manage their anxiety. It improves children’s emotional regulation.It boosts children’s self-esteem and increases children’s body awareness and mindfulness.

It also enhances children’s concentration and memory. It helps to develop children’s strength and flexibility. Yoga teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity.

Veda & Bhajans

Bhajans are songs sung to show our gratitude and love for God. Singing or listening to devotional songs removes all negativity in one’s mind and fills one’s heart with joy, peace and contentment. It elevates one’s mood and creates inner equilibrium. When a devotional song is played or sung, it cleanses the atmosphere and fills the place with positive energy.

Importance of chanting mantras and slokas:

Relaxes the mind and soul. Reduces stress and anxiety Regulates breathing pattern and heartbeat. Improves concentration and memory power.